Such an exciting day, we had a little day trip to deliver my painting to the Summer exhibition I can't begin to expalin how it feels... I'm just pleased with myself for actually doing it!

So, I wanted to explain too that my painting has elements of Maoleidigh and I didn't follow a photograph exactly. Above is so typically her on a mission and very busy, the chances of capturing her still is near impossible and you might notice her hair is so much longer then the other inspirational photo. Below are her favourite boots, I took a photo to show them, although she is wearing them above they are a blur!!! These were my inspiration and her dress is made up, as is the lace trims.

Wow I have to say a HUGE thank you to all who left me such wonderful encouraging comments I feel so blessed and a little overwhelmed by you all :) Here is my painting finished... (don't ever ask me that, I could have very easily continued on that piece until it was well and truely covered LOL!)

I spent a fair bit of time painting fluffy whispy white clouds in the background but they just didn't work!!! I washed them away as soon as I did them to try again and still they were not meant to be. What I really wanted was the wood grain still visible, so I followed and tinted the natural grain in differing hues of blues and orange/red.

Here Maoleidigh is acting as art critic (forgive the mess in the background). I  went for a simple wood frame and managed to get it to fit! With strong fabric tape at the back, it's so tricky to photograph. If this were to stay at home I probably wood have left it unglazed and added a batton on the back to make it float from the wall.

Thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement, fingers crossed it will get picked. I now have my empty easel eager for more splashes tee hee, but not sure when I'll get the chance for a little while! :) But I have some old artwork I can post if you're interested. BiG HuGs Kim and Maoleidigh :)

Work in progress.....

So I thought I would challenge myself and at least try to enter some of my artwork into the Summer exhibition... It'a a little dream and I thought I would never get here... this is my first time entering and I have to say I really pretty nervous and probably scared stiff that the selection committee might not select my work for entry arrrgghhhh!!!!! but here's a little sneak peek at my piece in stages... I haven't finished it yet and I am thinking and working on a fitting background!!! 

It's inspired by my litle girl Maoleidigh (may-lee-dee) is it nature or nurture? At nearly two she has a huge personality and already there are certain things she insists upon... She has ringlets in her blonde hair which inevitably get a good going over with her mucky hands at meal times, making it a slightly unruly cute mess!
Her face has many expressions that sometimes make her eyes look too big. She loves the first bite of an apple and would certainly give you a 'look' if you were about to "interfere".
Why? do they dress up and sweeten little girls outfits when it's already designed and made to look 'CUTE'? Her boots are her go to shoe... as soon as she's up they will find themselves snugly on her feet (sometimes the left and right mixed) just in case the door should open a touch so she could squeeze through the gap!!! Of course to her they go with EVERY outfit, pretty dress, jeans or the simple birthday suit... The theme this year is 'RAW' I went for tenderness, mother's love and decided to paint on wood which I've had great difficulty with but practice and all that... tee hee!
SO any feedback, constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated thank you. BiG HuGs Kim :)

this is a test

wondering how good this looks!!!!