Signed, Sealed and Delivered....

Such an exciting day, we had a little day trip to deliver my painting to the Summer exhibition I can't begin to expalin how it feels... I'm just pleased with myself for actually doing it!

So, I wanted to explain too that my painting has elements of Maoleidigh and I didn't follow a photograph exactly. Above is so typically her on a mission and very busy, the chances of capturing her still is near impossible and you might notice her hair is so much longer then the other inspirational photo. Below are her favourite boots, I took a photo to show them, although she is wearing them above they are a blur!!! These were my inspiration and her dress is made up, as is the lace trims.

Wow I have to say a HUGE thank you to all who left me such wonderful encouraging comments I feel so blessed and a little overwhelmed by you all :) Here is my painting finished... (don't ever ask me that, I could have very easily continued on that piece until it was well and truely covered LOL!)

I spent a fair bit of time painting fluffy whispy white clouds in the background but they just didn't work!!! I washed them away as soon as I did them to try again and still they were not meant to be. What I really wanted was the wood grain still visible, so I followed and tinted the natural grain in differing hues of blues and orange/red.

Here Maoleidigh is acting as art critic (forgive the mess in the background). I  went for a simple wood frame and managed to get it to fit! With strong fabric tape at the back, it's so tricky to photograph. If this were to stay at home I probably wood have left it unglazed and added a batton on the back to make it float from the wall.

Thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement, fingers crossed it will get picked. I now have my empty easel eager for more splashes tee hee, but not sure when I'll get the chance for a little while! :) But I have some old artwork I can post if you're interested. BiG HuGs Kim and Maoleidigh :)


  1. RiNNE said...
    Oh gosh, Kim! Your finished painting just takes my breath away! She is a picture of blissful innocence!

    I'm sure your daughter will love this - especially when she is grown!! Good-luck and you have got quite a talent!!!
    Sammi said...
    OH WOW Kim... this is amazing hun!! It's really lovely!! You are such a talented artist!!
    donna mikasa said...
    Awesome painting, Kim! Great inspiration, too! Congrats on being part of the happy for you!
    Kath said...
    wow kim this is absolutely are such a talent and it was such a buzz to meet up with you at the NEC...big hugs kath xxxx
    Kim Piggott said...
    I love what you have done with that wood grain so effective and blends so beautifully!
    This is utterly amazing Kim and you will soooooooooooooo be picked!
    Your talent is awesome!
    kim x
    Angela said...
    I knew there was a reason you colored so good with copics!! You are an amazing Artist!! THis is just absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!! So goregous!! I love that you can still see all the word grain!! What a beautiful painting!!
    Joana said...
    stunning Kim you have done a amazing job look forward to see more of your art you are very good at it , great idea using the wood grain as a background . Good look for the competition
    Katy said...
    Just stunning.
    CraftyC said...
    This is gorgeous Kim, not seen anything like this before. Its a beautiful piece of art!
    ♥Rach♥ said...
    Completely and utterly beautiful! I love the whole things, the wood the colors and the adorable image. You are SO talented!
    Nina John said...
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